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Across New Zealand. We are based in Waikato but we deliver all across New Zealand. Please add your location to your delivery address to find out the delivery cost for your area.

Although we are unable to give an exact time or arrival, orders are typically delivered between 9am and 3pm.

You will also receive an email from us once your order has been completed and packed and includes your unique delivery tracking number.

Simply click on the tracking number link found in the email and it will show you where your order is at each stage.

Simply flick us an email with your order details and let us know if today is the intended delivery day.

One of our super helpful team members will get back to you with a resolution.

Yes we do, if you live in Hamilton and prefer to pick up your box simply click the pickup option in your checkout process.

Yes absolutely! Your delivery is marked ‘authority to leave and will be left at your door.

The box's interior is wrapped with an insulating wool liner to ensure it stays nice and cold till you arrive home. We also have the appropriate amount of icepacks in each of our boxes.

The Product

Our meat arrives to you vacuumed packed because that is the best way to preserve its quality. If you open your pack and it smells a little bit simply remove the meat entirely from the at and allow it to breathe for 15-30 minutes.

All of our meat packets are ready to be used straight away or put in the freezer for a future date.

Yes, they are all gluten-free. If we ever make sausages with gluten in them they won't be included in our pre-made boxes.

This means that we care about backing up our organic claims with certification so you can have peace of mind that your order is always certified top-quality produce.
If you are curious here is the company that gives us our organic certification.

Ageing meat is a centuries-old tradition of allowing the meat to sit for a certain amount of time so that the enzymes begin to break down and tenderise the meat and elevate the flavours. We age our meat between three to eight weeks depending on the cut.

- It smells… interesting!
Yes aged meat does have a smell, but that’s just the process of the enzymes breaking down, trust us it’s still safe and delicious! Simply let the meat breathe and all interesting smells will dissipate.

Your Subscription

We have options for you to receive your box either every two weeks or every four weeks.

While products in each box will vary we have carefully estimated the amount of meat needed for a family of either two or four hungry people.

We will always include staple cuts such as the roast, steak and mince, but we also like to keep it exciting for you with a few delicious and different cuts.

We will be sad to see you go, but of course, you can cancel your subscription at any point. You receive any box that has already been charged to your dedicated card and we will keep your information on record so you can restart your subscription at any time.

If your find your family is growing (or shrinking) you are welcome to adjust the size of your box. Just send an email to our team and we will make the appropriate adjustments for you.

We know it can be hard to stop at just one box of deliciousness, sometimes you need a little extra. As a subscribed member you will receive a 10% discount on any additional DIY boxes that you might need to order for those special occasions. For information on your own unique discount code and how to use it just get in touch.